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However, we'll just have to wait and see how it plays out. Supergirl, Black Lightning, Arrow, Batwoman, and The Flash now inhabit the same universe thanks to Oliver Queen's valiant last stand against the Anti-Monitor.

"We were series wrapped on Arrow, and we were wrapped on the whole crossover", Guggenheim explained.

As for the final two episodes of Arrow, the penultimate episode serves as a backdoor pilot for the potential Green Arrow and the Canaries spinoff. The expanding franchise that is Arrowverse would not even be here if it were not for the initial success of the individual Green Arrow exhibition, so it was appropriate for the "Crisis" to culminate with the death of Oliver Queen.

"In our series final we have the challenge of what his role in the final is when he dies in eight years?"

However, Schwartz also revealed that this is not the last we have seen of Amell on Arrow, as "he will be in the series finale" in some capacity, adding that it's now up to Amell and the other shows to decide whether the character should make any future appearances on screen. Schwartz said. "Once we thought that Stephen loved it". But he's been very happy with his final season.

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"In one episode it honors the entire series and finishes several storylines [for] characters from all of our seasons, basically-past and present-in a hopefully very satisfying way", Schwartz teased. However, it is hard not to expect one last loophole, given all indications that this death is not the end of Oliver's story.

The CW's DC crossovers are always filled with fun, and often incredibly absurd surprises.

Many fans interpreted that if Felicity chose to accompany Oliver in the hereafter - or whatever the multiverse equivalent is. "The one thing we're all in agreement on - cast, crew executives, you name it - is that we're not going to go as big next year". In a couple of weeks, Arrow It is coming to an end with the conclusion of its eighth shortened season. Once everything has been said and done, we trust that the ship's captain will deliver a satisfactory end to Oliver's story.

After much anticipation, fans geared up to watch "Part Four" of the installment on Arrow on January 14, 2020 at 8PM on The CW South Florida.