US House passes resolution to rein in Trump's war power against Iran


The House's War Powers resolution directs Trump to terminate military operations against Iran except for self-defence and clarifies that the president now does not have congressional authority to engage in war with Iran.

Satellite images show the amount of destruction at the base, which was not equipped to handle the barrage of ballistic missiles that hit it one by one in the very early hours of January 7th.

"The United States is safer today than we were a few weeks ago because we eliminated the world's foremost terror, Qassem Soleimani, who has the blood of hundreds of American soldiers and Marines on his hands". The answer to both is a strong YES, but it is really not matter because of its bad past!

Brigadier General Esmail Ghaani, the new head of the Quds Force that oversees Iranian overseas operations, said he would follow the course of his dead predecessor Soleimani.

Global leaders and top diplomats are repeating in recent days the mantra of "de-escalation" and "dialogue", yet none have publicly laid out a path to achieving either.

"Last night they received a slap", Khamenei said.

Despite the rising tensions between the United States and Iran, Moulton saw this crisis as "an opportunity to break inertia" in US Middle East policy. Japan's premier has been touring oil-producing Arab Gulf states, while Iran's foreign minister visited Oman, traditionally a mediator between the US and Iran.

What did Mr Trump say about the Iranian strikes?

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Iranian state media did not immediately report on the incident. Critics of President Donald Trump's decision say he should have consulted Congress before taking an action that brought the United State and Iran to the brink of war. He tweeted a message of support for the protesters the day before.

The fatal strike on Soleimani also "reset deterrence" with Iran, Esper said.

Earlier on Saturday, the General staff of the armed forces of Iran have acknowledged that the plane "Ukraine International airlines" was shot down by a missile due to "inadvertent human error", as it was in the immediate vicinity of one of the military installations of the IRGC.

"You can see the Iranian people are standing up and asserting their rights, their aspirations for a better government - a different regime", Esper said. The commander of aerospace forces of the IRGC Amir Ali Hajizadeh said at a press conference that the air defense system to Iran, which that night was in a state of maximum readiness, took a liner for a cruise missile.

Demonstrations in Iran have reached an apex of violence over economic conditions in the country as well as Iran's accidental shooting of a Ukrainian plane that killed 176.

"I've issued directives that have taken a number of important steps that increased the vetting of all foreign students, not just Saudis, but all foreign students coming to our programs that improve the credentialing of those students", Esper said.

Canadian experts also have been invited to inspect the wreckage and the crash site.

Popular anger swelled Monday in Iran over the downing of the Ukrainian jet, which was apparently knocked out of the sky by an Iranian missile hours after the Islamic Republic fired a barrage of missiles at Iraqi bases housing American soldiers.