Trump says ‘get rid’ of Ukraine envoy on tape


In a development which could have major implications for the impeachment trial of President Donald Trump, he can be heard in a new audio recording ordering his associates to "get rid of her", referring to former USA ambassador to Ukraine Marie Yovanovitch.

"Get rid of her!" I don't care. Get her out tomorrow.

Giuliani has also been on the record as having pushed for Yovanovitch's firing by Trump claiming she would impede their efforts to get Ukraine dirt on Joe and Hunter Biden. Take her out. OK?

CNN has not reviewed the tape.

The footage from April 2018 was provided by an attorney of Lev Parnas, a USA businessman who was at the dinner. He said he had Parnas go back through his "cloud" and Parnas found the audio. The recording appears to contradict the president's statements that he did not know Parnas, a key figure in the investigation.

Yovanovitch was not immediately removed from her posting in Kyiv, but in the months that followed she became a frequent target of criticism among allies of the president, who accused the career diplomat of disloyalty. On his now infamous July 25 call with the president of Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelenskiy, Trump said of Yovanovitch, "She's going to go through some things".

U.S. senator James Lankford, a Republican, likened Mr Trump's comment to those of Democrats who say Republicans will pay a price at the ballot box for supporting Mr Trump or will pay a price in the future as they are held accountable. Both have pleaded not guilty.

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After the meeting, Trump said the US would consider introducing tariffs on European auto imports if neither side could agree. He argued a digital tax is " discriminatory in nature" and the U.S. is participating in the OECD process to find a solution.

The recording is of 2018 meeting at the Trump Hotel in Washington that Trump had with donors. including two now-indicted associates of his personal attorney, Rudy Giuliani. "The ambassador's mistaken belief does not become proof because he repeated it many times", Trump lawyer Mike Purpura said.

The economy under President Trump has earned its best ratings from American voters in almost two decades, a survey released Sunday found - but half of those polled said the Senate should remove the president from office during his impeachment trial.

His appearance came after Democrats released documents that showed Mr. Giuliani worked with Mr. Parnas to pressure Kiev to investigate Mr. Biden.

"I was particularly gratified to see that everything Mr Parnas has been stating about that event was true", Mr Bondy said, referring to the April 30, 2018 dinner.
They donated $325,000 of their pledge through a company that is a subject of their indictment.

"It's like a miracle", Fruman is heard telling Trump on the recording.

Parnas had recounted the conversation in media interviews last week. "And I told the President that - our opinion - that (Ambassador Yovanovitch) is bad-mouthing him and that she said that he's gonna get impeached - something like that". I don't know him at all. A request to Parnas and his lawyer for comment was not immediately answered.