SpaceX shares its vision for future Crew Dragon flights


Musk tagged the mission trailer "Simulation of first crewed flight of Falcon 9 / Dragon 2020", signaling that SpaceX could launch humans to space for NASA from the United States next year, nine years after the space shuttle program ended.

After launching into space, the Crew Dragon detaches from the rocket as it prepares to dock at the ISS. The two-minute clip that Musk tweeted on Monday shows flight crew boarding the capsule-like spaceship Crew Dragon, countdown, take off and separation of the vehicle from the Falcon 9 rocket. Earlier this year, an explosion during one such tests destroyed its Crew Dragon capsule.

Crew Dragon's uncrewed test flight in May went off without a hitch.

In November, SpaceX accomplished a sequence of static fireplace engine exams of its new passenger spacecraft, Crew Dragon, paving the best way for an in-flight launch escape demonstration.

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"Crew Dragon should be physically ready & at the Cape in Feb, but completing all safety reviews will probably take a few more months", he tweeted. NASA hopes that will happen in the first few months of 2020.

NASA has asked SpaceX to pull off the upcoming mission as part of its Commercial Crew Program, a government competition that began in 2010. Crew Dragon finally appears primed to launch with humans aboard for the first time. The program's goal is to resurrect USA cargo and crew services for the space agency, which retired its space shuttle fleet in July 2011, and avoid having to buy astronauts tickets aboard Russian rockets."For the first time since 2011, we are on the brink of launching American astronauts from American rockets on American soil", NASA Administrator Jim Bridenstine said during the official debut of Behnken, Hurley, and other Commercial Crew astronauts in August 2018.

Last month, Boeing, which had been working on a competing spacecraft called Starliner for the same NASA mission, flied an unmanned test that went off course midway due to a clock problem.