SpaceX aims to send NASA astronauts to space in Q2 2020: Musk


The company founded and led by Mr Musk normally recovers its boosters, landing them upright on a floating platform or back at the launch site.

If this test succeeds, SpaceX could soon send American astronauts to the ISS from American soil for the first time since the USA ended NASA's Space Shuttle mission in 2011. Meanwhile, NASA has paid Russia billions of dollars for American astronauts to board Russian Soyuz capsules.

SpaceX has completed the last big test of its crew capsule before launching astronauts in as little as two months.

On Saturday morning, SpaceX delayed a planned launch of its "in-flight abort test", which will demonstrate how Crew Dragon would intentionally eject itself from a malfunctioning rocket on the way to space.

The recovery area, where the capsule would splash down in the Atlantic was excessively windy, with high waves churning up the ocean. A longer mission will require more training before flight.

A Falcon 9 rocket blasted off as normal, but just over a minute into its supersonic flight, the Dragon crew capsule catapulted off the top 12 miles (20 kilometers) above the Atlantic. "That's just super exciting".

A prosperous in-flight abort analysis of SpaceX's Crew Dragon shuttle January 19 performs it frequently likely that that the spacecraft will be available for a crewed test flight, known as Demo-2 in this spring.

This was the final major flight test of the spacecraft before it begins carrying astronauts to the International Space Station (ISS) under NASA's Commercial Crew Programme, the U.S. space agency said in a statement on Sunday.

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The rocket that was destroyed on Sunday included the first booster ever flown from SpaceX's newest rocket type, the Falcon 9 Block 5, which had its first launch in May 2018.

NASA Administrator Jim Bridenstine stated, "Do we want that first crew to be short duration or do we want it to be a longer duration?".

Successful crewed spaceflights are important for both ISRO and SpaceX.

And he previously conducted a ground test of his emergency stop system, which saw Crew Dragon blow himself up from a launch pad to simulate how he could steer the crew away from a faulty rocket if something goes wrong in the minutes before takeoff. SpaceX was allotted $2.6 billion and Boeing was awarded $4.2 billion in 2014, and the space agency initially predicted their vehicles would be ready to fly astronauts by 2017.

A successful emergency abort test will mark a significant win for SpaceX.

The test is crucial to qualify the capsule to fly humans to the International Space Station, a feat the National Aeronautics and Space Administration expects to come as soon as mid-2020. SpaceX worked for the past nine months to address that issue and to finetune Crew Dragon's parachute design.

The sleek white and black spacesuits worn by astronauts Doug Hurley and Robert Behnken for Friday's practice matched the white Tesla roadster with wing-like doors waiting for them outside Kennedy's crew quarters.