Rod, Sean Stewart Charged with Criminal Battery


The security guard claimed Sean Stewart shoved him backwards after he put the back of his right hand on his chest, and that his father then stepped towards him and punched him in the ribs.

"The group began to get loud and cause a scene" and refused to leave when Dixon told them to go, the report said, according to the MailOnline.

That's when Sean Stewart, the rock star's 39-year-old son, got "nose to nose" with Dixon.

The Maggie May hitmaker and his family, including a few kids, were at the upscale Breakers Resort in Palm Beach on Tuesday night when they tried to enter a private event held in the children's section of the venue.

Sir Rod had simply been requesting if his children within his group could also enter the event when things became heated with security officers.

The singer - recognizable by his hoarse voice and mop of blond hair - was charged with simple battery, a minor offense which is generally punishable by a fine.

A police report obtained by the Daily Mail details how hotel security guard Jessie Dixon told authorities he had witnessed "a group pf people" near the event's check-in table, trying to gain access, despite the fact they "were unauthorised to do so".

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Footage from cameras at the hotel revealed that Sean and Rod Stewart were the "primary aggressors", according to the affidavit.

The police state Rod "apologised for his behaviour in the incident".

Stewart said that after they were denied access, the security guard became argumentative with his family, which in turn caused him to become agitated. Both women submitted sworn witness statements.

Both Sir Rod and Sean were arrested with Sir Rod being charged with simple battery. The security guard alleges after the shove Rod Stewart punched him.

The Stewarts have been requested to appear at the Palm Beach County Criminal Justice Complex on February 5.

In 2002, Sean, who appeared on the reality show "Celebrity Rehab", was sentenced to three months in jail after kicking an unconscious person outside a restaurant in LA.