LG to bring "Real 8K" to TVs in 2020


The diverse 2020 lineup includes premium 88- and 77-inch class LG SIGNATURE OLED 8K TVs (models 88/77 OLED ZX) and advanced LG NanoCell TVs (models 75/65 Nano99, 75/65 Nano97, 75/65 Nano95), with every model exceeding the industry's official new 8K Ultra HD definition set by the Consumer Technology Association (CTA) which requires a minimum 50 percent CM threshold. In terms of getting 8K content (whenever and wherever that's available), they can handle YouTube's preferred AV1 codec as well as HEVC and VP9, 8K inputs from USB or HDMI, and finally, 8K 60FPS via streaming as well as 8K 60P via HDMI.

LG introduced more than a dozen new OLED TV models this year, including updated models in the 4K C and B series four sizes: 55 inches and 65 inches, and for the C series only, 77 and 48 inches.

AirPlay 2 of course will allow you to stream content directly to the TV from your iPhone, iPad, or Mac without needing to plug in another accessory, although at this point you won't really be able to take advantage of even close to full 8K resolution over AirPlay 2 - the protocol itself is still limited to 1080p - but it's not like your iPhone or iPad can output even 4K resolution in the first place.

The Z8H works with Sound-from-Picture Reality with Sony's Frame Tweeter technology. These massive televisions have Android TV, 4K 120fps compatibility, and hands-free capabilities.

Having so many pixels means a higher image density, which should deliver a clearer, better defined picture.

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As The Verge notes, the 48-inch A9S will be Sony's smallest 4K OLED TV ever.

There's something for everyone, from the revolutionary design on the Elevate Sound Bar which can dock to the TV, to features like Dolby Atmos and DTS:X, up to 18 total drivers on the top model, surround sound, upfiring speakers, you name it.

With this year's Consumer Electronics Show less than a week away, LG announced Thursday that it would be displaying eight new "future-proofed" 8K televisions all offering what the company refers to as "the Real 8K experience". Again these are 4K LED TVs aimed at the mid-range market. The series contains display sizes of 65-inches, 75-inches, and 85-inches, all presented with a bezel-less design.

Although Sony has given a lot of information about its new range, we'll have to wait for the most vital piece of data: pricing and availability.