Lack of diversity in National Football League coaching ranks ‘a serious cause for concern’


I've never heard new Giants' head coach Joe Judge speak before Thursday's introductory press conference and my first impression: He sounded a bit like Oklahoma St. head football coach Mike Gundy.

Martin mocked Judge, the coach of a poor New England wide receiver body, securing a head coaching position while Eric Bieniemy, the African American offensive index offense coordinator Kansas City chef's high octane had passed.

Mara wisely acknowledged "there are always risks" when you hire a 38-year-old rookie head coach, as Judge is. Roughly an hour later, the Giants made their own judicious announcement. That was whether you were dealing with a person, a player in recruiting, developing a player on the field or schematics in a game, you better make sure everybody knows the full picture of what you're looking for.

It left the impression the Giants settled for Judge, but the team feels it hired a young man who can transform a young team into a victor. Good special teams is a sign of good coaching, so the Giants may have found themselves a gem by prying Judge away from the Pats. "A wide receiver coach that becomes the head coach". Jon Gruden got a head coaching job at 34 after Al Davis spotted him. No one has ever won a Super Bowl with their second team.

The Patriots have already lost a member of their coaching staff, with Judge moving to New Jersey to take charge of the Giants. And he got there in part because of an apparent glowing recommendation from Bill Belichick. He could work with Jones and offer Judge insight into being a head coach.

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Belichick gave a stunning recommendation to his former assistant coach and told the team that he is a worthy investment.

After graduating in 2005, he became a graduate assistant in his alma mater and that is how his career in coaching started. "And I think that's the one thing and the same thing from the top up, generating more opportunities for young minority coaches to continue to move up and do things".

The club also reportedly were set to meet with Patriots offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels this week, and the Giants also interviewed Mike McCarthy, who was named the Cowboys' new head coach on Monday.

Before joining the Patriots, he spent three years working for Saban. If he wants to stay with the Patriots and the Patriots want him back, then he gets to make the call on whether or not to come back. But then again, the team management has put their trust and confidence in someone who has a love for the sport and even greater love for wins.

The new head coach of the Giants may not have a stellar history in coaching as compared to the others who were been vying for the spot that he got.