Jillian Michaels loves Lizzo's music. Her body? Not as much


The trainer instantly questioned why are we celebrating her body and not her music. "My kid loves her music", Michaels added. The "Soulmate" singer, 31, seemingly responded to criticism from non-public coach and TV character Jillian Michaels, 45, after the earlier Largest Loser host fat-shammed the Grammy nominated singer.

Speaking of which, Jillian was talking to AM3DM on BuzzFeed News when he asked himself: 'Why do we celebrate his body? "Why aren't we celebrating her music?", Michaels said. Others noted that Lizzo in fact exercises a great deal, as anyone who has seen her perform can attest, and thinness is not the end-all-be-all of human health and wellness. "Love her music", she told the host.

"I don't know anything about [Lizzo.] I'm sure she's a cool awesome chick", began Michaels.

The singer confessed in her October Girls In Music topic profile with Elle - printed on September 5 - that she "didn't love who I was".

Lizzo explained that although she would love to be on Twitter to connect with her supporters who continuously spread positivity, she chose to stay away from the social media site to avoid Internet bullies and get rid of dealing with negative energy on the internet. "Jillian Michaels participates in the diet industry & profits from us hating our bodies", wrote race and disability researcher Sami Schalk on Twitter.

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Once the video of Jillian's interview made its way on Twitter, Lizzo fans were quick to respond with a lot of backlash and even accused her of "fat shaming" the "Juice" crooner.

"As I have said repeatedly, we are all handsome, worthy and deserve it equally", she wrote. Jillian says that we are all handsome and worthy BUT we have to love ourselves enough to acknowledge the healths risks related to obesity.

"You can not glorify obesity", she insisted. "Why is This woman acting like she's an MRI?"

Ms. Berg later tweeted that she had to "restrain" herself from arguing with Ms. "I'm just being honest, I love her music", she continued. I've done nothing wrong. It's not about saying that I don't respect her, I don't think she's awesome, I absolutely do. Buzzfeed also posted the full version of their chat with her to provide viewers a bit more context to her claims. The remark came after Lizzo's name was mentioned during a discussion about self-acceptance.

Lizzo has yet to comment on the row. "I deserve to be happy". Obesity is the number one contributor to diabetes, heart disease, cancer.