Jeopardy to host the 'Greatest of All Time' this week


While it was Brad Rutter who hit the show's first Daily Double, he could never quite catch up to Jennings or Holzhauer, and in the second round, lost everything by betting he could correctly identify the person addressed by Catherine the Great in a letter written to her lover-Prince Potemkin-and did not succeed. "I do feel like I'm back home". The Greatest of All Time was decided by a couple hundred dollars, and that's with James Holzhauer failing to secure a Daily Double in the first two games. It was a match format, consisting of two games and the ultimate victor of the match was decided based on total earnings from those two games.

The first round went to Jennings, who nabbed a total of $63,400 - just $200 more than Holzhauer. The faceoff of Jeopardy! champs Holzhauer, Jennings and Brad Rutter kicked off their best-of-3 showdown for a $1M prize. The first contestant to win three games will earn $1 million and the greatest of all time title with the two runner ups receiving $250,000.

The Lancaster native was the favorite going into the match to win the "Jeopardy!". After the first game he came in last place with only $10,400.

Holzhauer won 32 matches in a row and won the 2019 Tournament of Champions. Rutter, 41, of Lancaster, Pennsylvania worked at a records store before his "Jeopardy!" success.

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Who won the first episode of Jeopardy's Tournament of Champions?

"In the past 20 years of my life, I have slowed down a step or two", Trebek said.

The second half of the hour-long program included a video tribute to Jennings' "Jeopardy!" career; similar homages to Holzhauer and Rutter will air in the coming days. "I would love one more crack at this".