Hundreds of migrants ford river from Guatemala to Mexico


Mexican authorities recently deployed an additional 200 National Guards to the Guatemalan border area in a bid to block the caravan's movement north, while President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador offered the migrants 4,000 jobs if they agreed to stay in Mexico.

The latest caravan comes as the Trump administration has enlisted Central American leaders in taking a more active role in stemming the flow of migrants at the U.S. -Mexico border. Mexico warded off another in April 2019. On the weekend, government officials convinced roughly 1,000 individuals they ought to enter lawfully over the boundary bridge.

On Monday, migrants had been detained on the river and alongside the freeway.

According to some US-based media, over one million migrants from Central and South America were said to have crossed the USA border as illegal aliens in 2019. Another migrant who helped her by carrying the 5-year-old child ran in another direction when the migrants dispersed and she was unable to locate them. However, when she watched a representative nab another girl she did not know who to assist and lost sight of the funniest.

Mexican officials responded that vested benefits would not be offered.

In a statement published on Twitter, Department of Homeland Security Acting Secretary Chad Wolf said "the caravan will face a series of hurdles as they attempt to illegally enter the USA, including enforcement by Guatemala and Mexico and new policies that restore integrity to the US immigration system".

A group of mostly Honduran caravan migrants began throwing rocks at Mexican security forces as they attempted to illegally cross the border from Guatemala on Monday.

Guardsmen scrambled, also, attempting to head off classes and detaining individuals where they can.

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Mejía joined in five previous migrant "caravans" but never made it further than the Mexican border city of Tijuana. Still others carried assault rifles.

The predominantly Honduran migrants want free passage across Mexico to the United States border. They assured those that went with them that they might "regularize" their standing, however few of the migrants believed them.

Mexico has stepped up its efforts to prevent migrants from reaching their desired destination, the United States, under the threat of trade and other sanctions from President Trump. Those who do not seek asylum or some protection status would likely be detained and deported.

Mexican authorities has been bracing for the group, which had traveled to Guatemala from other Central American nations.

The Guatemalan government released new data on Monday showing that 4,000 migrants entered the country through the two main crossings used by migrants last week, and over the weekend almost 1,700 entered Mexico at two passages.

It said 400 were deported from Guatemala.

Following two caravans successfully attained the USA boundary in 2018 and ancient 2019, Mexico started breaking down, and from April 2019 raided the previous try at a caravan, rounding up migrants as they walked down a street. Migrants sometimes travel in a caravan because it provides security in numbers and gives migrants the opportunity to be too poor to pay smugglers.

Amid the chaos of the crossing some discovered a hotter reception. When no response was given by the authorities, they started crossing the river. He explained he did not know what to do today though.