Flight from Wuhan with more than 200 American evacuees lands in Anchorage


Other countries, including the US and Australia, also are working to evacuate their citizens in Wuhan.

Deaths have leapt to 132, and a Chinese government economist predicted a huge hit to the economy.

The World Health Organization, or WHO, said the spread of the coronavirus is of "grave concern" and will reconvene an emergency meeting on Thursday to determine whether it has become a global public health emergency.

Millions of netizens have been watching the live streaming of the construction of two temporary field hospitals in Wuhan to treat patients infected with the novel coronavrius.

The situation remained "grim and complex", Chinese President Xi Jinping acknowledged.

"Everyone in the city began wearing masks". Starbucks coffee shops required people to have temperatures taken and masks on.

"It's my first time here in Asia, I feel very unlucky", said Brazilian tourist Amanda Lee, 23, reluctantly cutting short a trip.

"Even if I wanted to leave, I can't".

Gardai name three children found dead in Dublin home
They have been confirmed as brothers and sister Conor McGinley, aged 9, Darragh McGinley aged 7, and Carla McGinley, aged 3. Associated Press maintains its still not clear to gardai just how the children had died when they attended the scene.

Authorities have imposed a virtual quarantine on Wuhan, banning people from traveling in and out of the city.

He said there were more than 400 people wanting to return to Japan still in Wuhan, including those who were working for a Japanese supermarket chain that stayed open to serve customers who needed food. It is from the coronavirus family, which also can cause the common cold as well as more serious illnesses such as SARS and MERS, which both emerged in the past two decades and are thought to have come from animals. Various airlines are cutting flights, from British Airways and Lufthansa to Tanzania's national carrier that postponed maiden flights. The CDC says that the immediate risk in the U.S.is low. Passengers will be re-screened and "temporarily housed for a period of time" upon their arrival in California, officials added. About three dozen United States diplomats and their families were expected to be on board the aircraft, a USA official with knowledge of the matter told CNN previously.

Johnson & Johnson said employees can only travel to China for business-critical reasons and need approval from senior company officials.

The Central Asian nation has suspended air and rail traffic with neighboring China as of February 1 and 3, respectively.

The disease has spread to more than 15 countries since it emerged out of Wuhan late previous year, with the death toll soaring to 132 and confirmed infections nearing 6,000.

While some experts believe the new strain, known as "2019-nCoV", is not as deadly as SARS, it has created alarm because it is spreading quickly and key features are still unknown, including its lethality.

Like other respiratory infections, it is spread by droplets from coughs and sneezes, with an incubation time between one and 14 days. There are signs it may also be able to spread before symptoms show.

While no confirmed case has been recorded in India, its immediate neighbours - Nepal and Sri Lanka- have reported one case each.