Dem senator says he has 51 votes to restrain Trump on Iran


"The resolution will be done tomorrow; the managers will be named in the resolution".

But Pelosi, D-Calif., hasn't announced the precise timing for a House vote on that resolution, which would formally set the stage for a Senate trial as early as this week.

"The American people deserve the truth, and the Constitution demands a trial", she added. He, along with the other senators running for president in 2020, will be stuck in Washington for a six-days-a-week trial instead of campaigning for the nation's first presidential caucus, to be held February 3.

So far, the 47 Senate Democrats are far short of the 67 votes they would need to convict; no Republican has publicly indicated they might buck their party.

But both parties were girding for a tense two weeks or more of hearings that could bare the U.S. leader's alleged wrongdoing to the American public on live television. That would only require a majority vote. That said, several Republican senators are reportedly prepared to vote on whether to hear from witnesses after the trial is underway.

Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer, D-N.Y., has urged testimony from four witnesses, including Bolton and acting White House chief of staff Mick Mulvaney. A dismissal is a cover-up. "The president is not afraid of a fight".

Trump became only the third U.S. president to be impeached on December 18 when the House voted to formally charge him with illicitly seeking help from Ukraine for his reelection campaign this year.

Mrs. Pelosi, in an unprecedented move, has held on to the charges after House Democrats voted to impeach the president for abuse of power and obstruction of Congress on December 18, saying she wants assurances the Republican-controlled Senate will hold a fair trial.

Democrats say Trump abused his power by asking a foreign government to interfere in an American election for his own political benefit at the expense of USA national security. "It would seem to me that as his national security adviser he would have spoken to Trump about exactly what was going on in Ukraine and why the money was being withheld".

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"That is why Donald Trump has been impeached, because he abused his power".

The reason is that we can not afford to leave any stone unturned when dealing with as lawless and fickle a presidential administration and its Senate accomplices as the Trump/McConnell cabal has shown itself to be.

The action will launch the Senate proceeding, only the third presidential impeachment trial in American history, a dramatic endeavor coming amid the backdrop of a politically divided nation and an election year.

But with McConnell refusing to agree up front on the witness issue, Pelosi made a decision to move ahead.

In a US presidential impeachment trial, the senators act as observers in proceedings overseen by the head of the Supreme Court, in this case Chief Justice John Roberts.

Unlike jurors, however, the senators will also have the power to decide for themselves the rules of the trial.

It is expected to last at least two weeks, depending on how the witness issue is ultimately decided.

The Senate trial will mark just the third time in USA history a president has faced removal from office after being impeached.

A key question looming over the trial is to what extent the president will seek to influence the proceedings and limit witnesses who have direct knowledge of events at the center of the inquiry.