Verbatim: Andrew Scheer's resignation announcement in the House of Commons


He told the House of Commons it was "one of the most hard decisions I have ever made".

Conservative leader Andrew Scheer met with Prime MinisterJustin Trudeau for the first time since the election on November 12.

But while the Conservatives come up short in terms of forming the government, the party did win more seats than four years earlier and won the popular vote, McColeman said.

Not once they go working to the liberal media telling Canadians that they had been improper to elect Scheer as their chief - by no means thoughts that their second alternative was Maxine Bernier - and that Trudeau was proper about him.

Moving forward, Dreeshen says the party needs a leader with numerous same qualities as Scheer.

Conservative Victory, which launched in late November, was founded by party insiders and former aides to prime minister Stephen Harper.

Mr Scheer has served in federal politics since 2004 since being elected to the House of Commons at age 25. A deal had been struck when he won the leadership in 2017 that the party would compensate his family for the costs of moving from Regina.

In an interview with Alberta Primetime, Jim Carr, Ottawa's special representative to the prairies, said he respected Scheer's decision.

This is good news in the short-term for Prime Minister Trudeau because he's governing with a minority government.

The details divided the Conservatives, with many of them calling the move as an inappropriate funding, while simultaneously criticizing Scheer for accepting the favor as he stayed to fight against the growing voices for his resignation.

Brantford-Brant MP Phil McColeman has mixed emotions about his party leader's decision to step down.

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"I think he handled the pressure and the scrutiny that came with it with a lot of grace", said McColeman.

"We were exclusively dedicated to triggering a leadership election process, that's happened, so we'll be wrapping up and looking forward to seeing who throws their hat in the ring".

"It's a tremendously hard situation that Mr. Scheer faced", Pallister told reporters.

Andrew Scheer announced plans to resign as Conservative leader Thursday morning, less than two months after a disappointing election result.

No new date for a leadership convention has been set.

As for what's next for the Conservative Party, Powers had a candid answer.

"It's unbelievable what's going on and that's my focus, whatever happens on his whole leadership side, I'm very focused on what I have to do as my job", Mazier said.

Jeff Gunnarson, National President of Campaign Life Coalition, said that his organization has "heard from many supporters who were looking for alternatives to the Conservatives or staying home on election day because they were displeased with Andrew Scheer as leader".

NDP MP Leah Gazan said Scheer's "excessive" support for the oilsands and discomfort with LGBTTQ+ issues and abortion made him unappealing as a federal leader in urban Canada.

Amanda Galbraith, a principal at communications firm Navigator and a former Conservative staffer, said Ford's approval rating was so low that Scheer didn't really have an option other than to avoid Ford during the campaign.

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