US "Foolish" For Calling UN Security Meeting: North Korea


Hinting at further sanctions, Craft said: 'If events prove otherwise, we, this Security Council, must all be prepared to act accordingly'.

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un and Mr Trump have met three times since past year to negotiate an end to North Korea's nuclear and missile programmes, but there has been scant progress, with working-level talks led by Mr Biegun in October in Stockholm breaking down.

Russian U.N. Ambassador Vassily Nebenzia said North Korea's nuclear and missile programs were "unacceptable" but that progress in talks could not be made when Pyongyang is "told to unequivocally agree to all conditions that are imposed for the promise of future benefits".

The United States warned North Korea on Thursday against any resumption of "unfortunate ill-advised behavior" after Pyongyang raised worldwide concerns by setting an end-of-year deadline for Washington to reconsider its diplomatic approach.

The veiled threat will increase tensions ahead of the deadline, with reports suggesting Pyongyang may be preparing to test a major missile test. Pyongyang recently promised a "Christmas gift" for the USA if the standoff continues.

The administration's top North Korea envoy, Stephen Biegun, was expected to meet UN Security Council representatives yesterday in NY ahead of their planned discussion about developments on the peninsula.

Craft appeared to rule out meeting North Korea's demands for an offer in the year's final weeks, saying: "Let me be clear: The United States and the Security Council have a goal - not a deadline".

North Korea's United Nations ambassador, Kim Song, declared on Saturday, however, that denuclearization was off the table.

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The US called a meeting of the UN Security Council yesterday and foreshadowed "a comprehensive update on recent developments on the Korean Peninsula, including recent missile launches and the possibility of an escalatory DPRK [North Korea] provocation".

"But at the same time, the USA official upped pressure on North Korea by raising the regime's recent launches".

"The US talked about a "corresponding measure" in the meeting". Speaking in London last week, he again branded Kim as "rocket man" and implied that the USA would resort to military force if North Korea did not denuclearise.

Trump and Kim met for a third time in June at the border between North and South Korea and agreed to resume talks.

North Korea responded sharply, saying the attitude of the United States helped it make a clear decision on which path it will take. In 2017, Trump recklessly heightened tensions with North Korea, declaring in the United Nations that he would "totally destroy" the country before doing an abrupt about face and holding a summit with Kim. Such a move, which his generals advised against and apparently ignored, would have been interpreted in Pyongyang as the preparations for imminent military strikes on North Korea.

'The Security Council must revisit sanctions to alleviate the suffering of the North Korean people and create a fruitful environment for dialogue, ' said Ambassador Zhang Jun of China, North Korea's primary ally. Trump's negotiations with Kim have never been primarily about North Korea's tiny nuclear arsenal that poses no significant threat to the US.

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