Uber's s Shares Tank As Company Reports 6,000 Sexual Assaults


The report - which only includes incidents that occurred in the United States in 2017 and 2018 - also indicated that 19 people were killed in physical assaults during or soon after an Uber ride.

Uber operates in about 70 countries and said that it would use what it had learned in producing the USA report for its "next steps" in other places, although it did not commit to creating new reports. "And when you're operating at that kind of scale, thankfully, 99.9 percent of those rides end with absolutely no safety incident whatsoever".

Uber said the 84-page report showed its commitment to transparency with the goal of driving "accountability and improve safety for Uber and the entire industry". Across both years for rape cases, the survivor was the rider in roughly 92 percent of the incident reports, Uber said.

Of these incidents, riders were accused as the perpetrator 45% of the time. About 50 people have died in Uber collisions annually for the past two years, at a rate about half the national average for automotive fatalities, according to the company.

The reported sexual assaults ranged from "non-consensual sexual penetration" to unwanted kissing or touching. "During 2017 and 2018, more than one million prospective drivers did not make it through Uber's screening process", Uber's study said. However, as its report noted, sexual assaults are often not reported, so the actual numbers could be much higher. According to Uber, approximately 90% of Uber-related fatal crashes occurred in urban areas. "Since we launched this technology, more than 40,000 drivers have been removed from the app", the study added.

Uber has a unit devoted to handling the most sensitive safety reports, but a September Washington Post investigation found that investigators are are instructed to keep the company's interests foremost, including through restrictions on their ability to report apparent felonies to police and a ban at the time on sharing information with competitor Lyft about possibly unsafe drivers. It also comes against the backdrop of the company's quest to regain public trust under CEO Dara Khosrowshahi, following a series of scandals under previous leadership.

Uber said it will release safety reports on a bi-yearly basis moving forward.

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Of the dead, eight were riders, seven were drivers and four were third parties including bystanders, Uber said.

Uber's VP and global head of community operations Troy Stevenson also disclosed last month that his company focused too heavily on adding people to its platform, rather than investing in a long-term business model.

"Most companies don't talk about these hard issues, and they don't share data about serious safety incidents that impact all companies because it can invite negative attention".

To try and stamp out the problems, the company is preparing to unveil more steps to keep users safe.

What's next: Uber also announced several new initiatives to enhance safety for riders and drivers.

A Lyft spokeswoman said the company understood that women faced "disproportionate risks" when they traveled.