This is your chance to get Apple Music six months free


One thing to be aware of is that the offer is only valid in the United Kingdom, United States and Canada so if you're reading this in any other country, you're out of luck.

It looks like even if you're already an Apple Music subscriber you may still be able to take advantage of this offer by cancelling your Apple Music subscription first and then re-subscribing through Shazam.

Open the Shazam app on your iPhone or iPad. The process is relatively simple as well and all you need to do is use the Shazam app.

We recommend our users who are availing this free Apple Music promotion to cancel the subscription after six (or three) months, unless you want to continue with the service. Shazam is a famous app used to identify songs that play everywhere, and now users have access to a great offer for Apple's subscription service. Search for "Disconnect Apple Music" and confirm it. What's more, even if you had already tried the three-month Apple Music subscription before (or still using the trial version), you can choose to resubscribe and get the additional three free months. Tap on the song name and select the "Open in Apple Music" option.

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Select a song from the "Recent shazams" list, and then tap the "Open in Apple Music" button. Tap on the "Open in Apple Music" option on any of your recent songs and you should be presented with the offer. A new promo code will be generated and redeemed in your account automatically after that. Come back daily to discover what treat we've got waiting for you!

Meantime, Apple is making a final concerted push to rack up as many more subscribers as possible as the year draws to a close - and, in fact, it's offering a fantastic deal on Apple Music right now that you've got until the end of this month to take advantage of. Most users are reporting that they are only getting a maximum of 4 months free.

Obviously, your mileage will vary, but everyone who tries should get at least free months.

From 24-29 December, you'll find a new surprise every day on the App Store.