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For just $5 you can get a digital file with a crochet pattern to create your very own Baby Yoda, or as he's actually called in The Mandalorian, "The Child".

A new wave of Baby Yoda toys inspired by The Mandalorian have been revealed, including the first talking Baby Yoda doll.

The problem with Baby Yoda is that Disney did not seem to anticipate the level of popularity that it would receive.

Baby Yoda is in our shows, our social media feeds, our texts, and every other conceivable place a pop-culture phenom could latch onto - even video games. Soon, the intergalactic gremlin could add another feather to its fame cap: a Baby Yoda emoji. You love Baby Yoda.

Baby Yoda merchandise has been appearing on the Internet.

Marvel Television is Being Closed and Its Programming Consolidated Into Marvel Studios
The remaining team members will be folded into Kevin Feige's Marvel Studios , and some existing projects will carry across. With the launch of Disney+, Marvel is going to be winding-down its TV shows on other networks and streaming services.

Baby Yoda The Child The Mandalorian merch courtesy of Hasbro. Alongside a set of Apple AirPods of course, which are always in high demand and Baby Yoda has in his giant ears here, presumably listening to John Williams' Star Wars scores.

Today, Time Magazine named The Walt Disney Company CEO Bob Iger its Businessperson of the Year. Time asked Iger which intellectual property he would buy next (Harry Potter, Gandalf, or James Bond, for example) and Iger said, "We're not looking to buy anything right now, but I've always been a James Bond fan".

When The Mandalorian launched on Disney + on November 12, becoming the flagship series of the streaming service, the secret was intense and there was a lot at stake, since the Jon Favreauhelmet series was bringing the Star Wars universe in the world of transmission.

Obviously, we're not going to get a Baby Yoda movie where he takes on John Wick but we're sure that a fictional fight between the two would be pretty awesome.