Syrian air defense intercepts missiles from Israel -state media


A month later, the Israeli army carried out a strike in Aqraba, killing two Hezbollah and one Iranian fighter.

Syrian Army air defense forces reported that they successfully intercepted four cruise missiles fired by Israel at targets along the Syrian shore.

The "hostile missiles came from the Occupied Territories", Sana said, referring to Israel, adding that one missile came down in Aqraba, a suburb southeast of Damascus. The news report blames Israeli warplanes for the explosions in the capital.

Israeli warplanes violate Lebanese airspace nearly daily, and use it for attacks against neighboring Syria.

The Iranian official also said that the Lebanese Hezbollah resistance movement will "raze Israel to ground" if the regime dares to attack Lebanon.

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Though it does not generally comment on specific attacks, Israel has admitted to carrying out hundreds of airstrikes in Syria against Iranian targets over the last several years.

Iran's military buildup in Syria remains a red line for Israel.

Also in November, a pinpoint IDF airstrike killed Bahu Abu al-Attan, a senior commander of the Palestinian Islamic Jihad, and his wife. Israeli warplanes fired three missiles at al-Ajouri's home, killing his son and granddaughter, according to Syria's state-run news agency.

At Syria's request, Iran - along with Russian Federation and Lebanon's Hezbollah resistance movement - has been supporting the Syrian military's efforts to cleanse the Arab country of terror groups, many of which have the support of Israel, the U.S. and their regional allies. A separate air raid struck but failed to kill an Islamic Jihad leader in Damascus, underscoring the risk of escalation at various pressure points across the volatile region.