Stormzy says the UK is ‘definitely, 100%’ racist


Upon the news, multiple publications were accused of "spinning" the rapper's words - taking his comment out of context by alleging that he called the United Kingdom a "100% racist" country, a (potentially deliberate) misconstruing of his response.

Now, once again Stormzy has spoken out, pointing out Prime Minister Boris Johnson as a "figurehead" whose actions have given others license to make racism more acceptable in British society.

Asked whether the United Kingdom was still a racist country, he said: "Definitely, 100 per cent". There's a lot of racism in the country. But there's a lot of racism in the country... The difference is that, in Italy, it's pretty evident, while it's extremely hard to try to explain that Great Britain is racist, too.

ITV bosses subsequently apologised to Stormzy for their coverage of the story, admitting that the headline to the article posted on their website did not "reflect" the Vossi Bop hitmaker's comments.

The tweet regarding the quotes was also later removed. "We would like to apologise to Stormzy for any misunderstanding".

In his original interview, the 26-year-old told the newspaper: "Definitely, 100%".

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- BeyonChé Guevera (@AlphaQueer) December 22, 2019I nominate Stormzy for next Labour leader and Prime Minister of the UK!

The Italian journalist whose interview with Stormzy was the basis of the subsequent articles published by United Kingdom media, tweeted the full transcript of the interview and encouraged people to read it for the "full picture".

The musician went on, adding: "If the top person can openly say this racist thing - the "piccaninnies" remarks, "watermelon smiles", comparing Muslim women to a letter box". Britain is racist [sic],' writer and filmmaker Amrou Al-Kadhi commented.

Last night, former England footballer Gary Neville went on Sky Sports, and discussed racism in United Kingdom football in response to allegations of racist chants during a recent Chelsea vs. Tottenham Hotspur match.

An announcer from Tottenham Hotspur said: "The racist behavior of viewers is interfering with the game". Ian Wright said: "Definitely, 100 per cent". He tweeted: "Seems that there may well have been another racist episode".

Now Krept and J Hus, who are both close friends with Stormzy, have taken to social media to explain why people who aren't ethnic minorities might not understand where Stormzy is coming from.