Steve Scalise says Democrats know they have weak impeachment case


"If the president would tweet a little bit less, it wouldn't cause brain damage".

Senator Cruz mentioned the seemingly course of within the upcoming impeachment trial within the US Senate.

This could imply, with the present makeup of the legislative frame, that each and every Democrat and the Senate's two independents, in addition 20 Republicans, must vote in choose of doing away with Trump for the measure to go.

Freshman Sen. Doug Jones (D-AL) could imperil his chances of getting reelected to the U.S. Senate whether he votes for or against impeachment, according to an NBC report released Monday.

"What they [the Democrats] have alleged is not a high crime or misdemeanor", he continued, and he described the articles of impeachment passed in the House mostly along party lines as "weak".

Noah Bookbinder, who heads Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington (CREW), posted that "the president using his power and position to expose and implicitly threaten the Ukraine whistleblower is - like so much else he has done - utterly beyond the pale".

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Following the House vote on two articles of impeachment earlier this month, an exact timeline of when the trial in the upper chamber will begin remains up in the air.

Following the impeachment vote, President Donald Trump immediately attacked Democrats over their supposedly "depraved actions" and said they had "branded themselves with an eternal mark of shame".

She has berated Senate Republican leader Mitch McConnell - who will take an oath of impartiality as a juror in the trial - for publicly acknowledging his "total coordination" with the White House.

"So, in the end, look, the Senate's going to conduct a fair trial".

"They have this obsession, it seems like, with carrying out this political vendetta that they have against the president, instead of working with them to get things done", he said, adding it was "time for the Senate to do their job". "There was not a fair trial in the House, and I think that was very clear. So I think we should do so", said Cruz. "And so, yes, she will be sending over the articles of impeachment".

Gwenda Blair, the author of Donald Trump: The Candidate told MSNBC on Sunday that the commander-in-chief tried to "crush" anything that questioned his status as "winner", and said his view of the world and relations was "transactional".