Shuhei Yoshida Says It's Highly Easy to Work With PS5


A patent for a new PlayStation controller has hit the web.

Sony has filed a patent for an updated DualShock controller, which will potentially be the design that ships with the PlayStation 5 next year.

The patent for a new controller turned out to be working on a different design Sony. Interestingly, the documentation reveals four additional buttons on the rear of the unit - particularly pertinent considering the organisation has just revealed a Back Button Attachment for the PlayStation 4's existing handset. These inputs can reportedly be mapped to other functions, meaning you could set a back button to act as your "X" if you wanted. It was featured in the Dualshock 3 (PlayStation 3) controller and carried over to the Dualshock 4 (PlayStation 4). Micro-USB is being replaced with USB-C, which can also be used to make the controller wired, along with haptic feedback, better speakers, an in-built mic, the lightbar being removed and something called adaptive triggers.

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To make us participate in this new discovery is the always careful editorial staff of Let's Go Digital, which invites us to take a look at the updated version of the PS5 controller patent to find out what news the Sony designers have in store for us.

According to Yoshida, studios that have already received a dev kit from PS5 are commenting that with PS5 it is easier than ever to develop games for a platform and that they can focus entirely on game development. Of course, this being a patent this isn't the final design.

The PlayStation 5 is planned for release on holiday 2020.