PM: "Brexit vote wrapped up for Christmas"


He said: "As a Christian, for me, it's all about hope".

Mr Johnson, who earlier this week travelled to Estonia to serve Christmas dinner to soldiers stationed at the Tapa military base, said: "I also want to express my personal gratitude to the wonderful members of our armed forces now on deployment and therefore to their friends, family, and children back home who have an empty chair at the table when they tuck into their Christmas dinner".

Ahead of the Bill's introduction, Prime Minister Boris Johnson said:Today we will deliver on the promise we made to the people and get the Brexit vote wrapped up for Christmas. While the pound surged after Boris Johnson's party won a landslide victory on December 12, investor sentiment soon soured as the British prime minister looked set to use his majority to take a hardline stance in talks with the EU.

In point of fact, since PM Johnson's landslide triumph with a controlling majority had smoothened up Britain's exit from the European Union long before a January 31st deadline, Trump's invitation following Johnson's election victory holds substantial scale of strategic significance as the US President had always been yearning to stamp a free trade pact with the United Kingdom following its departure form EU.

He concluded: "So as a country, let us reflect on the year and celebrate the good that is to come".

"Folks, I hope you enjoy the next few days", he said.

Jeremy Corbyn, in what will nearly certainly be his last Christmas message as Labour leader, admitted it had been "a hard year for many of us" following his party's heavy election defeat.

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That wouldn't be great for the United Kingdom, but it would be far worse for the European Union as they sell far more to us than we sell to them, it would be very damaging for the German vehicle industry for example, so one of the main battles will very likely be over the regulatory alignment.

"But Christmas is an opportunity to listen, reflect and remember all the things that unite us: our compassion, our determination to face injustice and our hope for a better world".

In his message, Johnson thanked those in the NHS, the police and other public services who will work during the holidays, as well as military personnel deployed with the armed forces.

Labour's Mr Corbyn said it was a time of year when "the scale of injustice and inequality" is in "plain sight".

"So we do not walk by on the other side".

"While we celebrate being together, we are reminded of the many who will be alone and sadly lonely at Christmas", he said.