Phone-related injuries are increasing rapidly


The researchers counted 2,500 patients with head and neck injuries related to cell phones from 1998 to 2017.

People distracted by their cellphones are tripping, falling and hurting their heads and necks more often, with such injuries increasing "steeply" over a 20-year period, a new analysis has found. Dr. Boris Paskhover of Rutgers New Jersey Scientific College acknowledged his expertise treating patients with mobile phone injuries triggered him to fling attempting into the bother. Since 2007 - "the year the iPhone was first introduced", Paskhover, said - the number of people reporting cellphone-related injuries in the US has more than tripled, even though many of them are likely reluctant to admit why they got hurt. According to researchers, this may be due to the fact that touch screen devices require more attention and distract from what is happening around them.

A third of the cases involved the head; another third affected the face, including the eyelids, eye area and nose; and about 12 percent involved the neck. While these injuries may not appear to be of major concern, the study said, there can be long-term consequences.

"Many of these injuries occurred among those aged 13 to 29 years and were associated with common activities, such as texting while walking", the study said. "For example, although concussion is a separate diagnosis, any diagnosis deemed more severe (e.g., subdural hematoma or cerebral contusion) is coded as an 'internal organ injury, '" according to Paskhover and colleagues.

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"I've had patients come to see me saying they were walking down the street and looking at their phone and fell and broke their jaw", Paskhover said. But they're usually not talking on the phone at the time.

Cellphone wounds can be categorized as one of two classifications, with generally a similar number in each: direct mechanical wounds (like somebody dropping their telephone all over or hitting a kin with a telephone) and cellphone use-related wounds, similar to somebody stumbling on the walkway while they were diverted by Instagram.

Other injuries included people getting hit by phones thrown at them. "Specifically, high-risk age groups should be targeted for education to prevent unnecessary injury", Paskhover's group emphasized.

You may want to put down the cellphone and switch to the speaker. "And don't look at it while walking or driving". People would think you were insane.