Peloton 'wife' pops up in new advertisement


Basically, Ryan Reynolds (or someone on his team at Aviation Gin) managed to track down the Peloton Wife (real name unknown) for his own ad, entitled "The Gift That Doesn't Give Back".

In the face of backlash against the commercial, actor Sean Hunter, who played the role of the "Peloton Husband", has spoken out.

Hunter has made the rounds since the commercial's poor reception, sitting for interviews with several local and national outlets and doing his best to defend his character.

The actress, now known as "Peloton wife", is now featured in a new commercial for Reynolds' company, Aviation Gin. The commercial shows a man giving his wife a Peloton exercise bike for Christmas, which she then uses to embark on a year-long fitness journey to be documented on her social media accounts. She stares at the camera in a lengthy, awkward silence before saying: "This gin is really smooth".

As the ad ends her friend chimes in, "You look great by the way".

The comedy - it's nearly as dry as the gin.

The huge negative response to the Peloton ad saw $1bn knocked off the indoor bike and treadmill business's market value in just 48 hours.

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The actor who played the husband in what some see as a "sexist" Peloton ad is afraid the backlash he's getting from keyboard warriors will have a negative impact on his career. We watch her get on the bike. "My friend texted me today declaring that I'm 'a symbol of the patriarchy, '" he said.

The women then toast to "new beginnings" before Ruiz gulps from her gin-filled martini glass.

The woman who starred in the much-derided holiday advertisement for the cycling fitness brand Peloton is back, and this time she's turning over a new leaf in a commercial for gin.

"While reactions to the holiday ad are disappointing, we do not expect it will adversely affect holiday demand", the analysts told the outlet.

Peloton said it was disappointed some viewers had misinterpreted the commercial's message.

Some described the spot as a bit dystopian and claimed it was sexist (because the Peloton was a gift from the woman's husband) and abusive (because the woman seemed pained throughout).