Major Winter Storm with Significant Travel Impacts This Weekend; Wet Week Continues


A few flurries could linger into Tuesday morning.

The NWS warned of the possibility of mud and debris flows near the burn scars of the recent Getty Fire and Palisades Fire.

The weather could be particularly disruptive on Sunday, when millions of holiday travelers head home.

While not much new snow is expected to fall across the state on Saturday, the windy conditions will blow snow from earlier this week, causing whiteout conditions and making travel hard.

The storm first moves in on Sunday.

Friday's high in Anaheim was 57, where the forecast called for highs of 59 on Saturday, 65 on Sunday and 69 on Monday.

In Maine, the system could bring two waves of snow, one Sunday afternoon through Monday morning, and a second Monday afternoon and evening, he said.

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The storm was expected to head east throughout the weekend into the Plains on Friday, the Midwest by Saturday and Northeast on Sunday.

"Gusts this strong can knock over trees and cause power outages", Deger said. "Additional snowfall is expected Monday".

By Thursday afternoon, Long Beach had received 2.17 inches of rain, surpassing the 1970 record of 1.93 inches.

The rain turned to snow at higher elevations of roughly 3,000 feet, shutting down roadways such as Interstate 5 at Parker Road and the Grapevine.

The bomb cyclone that crashed ashore in the Northwest Tuesday night with 100 miles per hour winds unleashed heavy snow over the Sierra Nevada while hitting Southern California with heavy rain, coastal flooding and even isolated thunderstorms, reported by the Washington Post, which notes that it is expected to bring rain and heavy mountain snows into Utah, Nevada and parts of Colorado. As with the last storm, a difference in just 1° can make all the difference between seeing rain and snow. South of Boston, under eight inches is expected. Both morning and evening commutes Monday could be tricky in southern ME, he said. However, the morning commute on Wednesday is likely to be the worst with areas of urban flooding and debris on some of the roads in the hilly terrain.

According to the state Department of Water Resources, 75% of California's annual average precipitation occurs from November through March and a small difference in the number of storms can determine a wet or dry year.