Google pulls Chrome update after bug hides data in other apps


It remains unclear how many apps have been affected by this glitch, but there are plenty of apps on the Play Store that use the WebView component to display web pages.

On the other hand, option b presents a clean (but potentially very painful) break from the previous version of Chrome by saving all new data stored since the Chrome 79 update while ditching previously saved local data. Another situation where apps can be affected by this Chrome bug is when using other browsers that don't have their own internal rendering engine.

Chrome 79 for Android began rolling out to users last week, but developers quickly spotted a problem.

A developer from payment system Pocket POS posted on Chromium's bug reporting forum: "It causes such a big problem for our products". That's not a major issue for some apps, but for ones like Twitter Lite, which are effectively web apps that run entirely in WebView, it's a real nuisance.

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Understandably, users and third party developers have expressed unmitigated frustration. This is due to a bug found on the Android version of the update that seemingly wipes app data. "Please understand that the team is working on a solution that minimises the data loss, and that can be rolled out safely". Google is addressing the issue with the highest priority (P0), and it says it is now "developing a solution to minimize data loss and deploy it securely".

But according to a Chromium developer, fixing this is going to be really hard: "Fixing this now is going to also be destructive - we can add additional migration code to check if this file was left behind and move it, but that will overwrite the *new* location and replace any newly stored data with the old data".

The troublesome update has already reached 50% of users, but Google has confirmed that it's paused the rollout while it decides what action to take.

Have you downloaded Chrome 79?