Dlamini's arm broken in altercation with park rangers


SANParks said it's in the process of appointing an independent investigating body to probe the altercation between top-tier cyclist Nicholas Dlamini and park rangers.

"I got to the scene just at the point where the SANParks Official had knocked Nicholas off of his bike to check his permit".

Environmental Minister Barbara Creecy had on Friday night called on management to suspend the rangers following her visit to a local hospital, where scans showed Dlamini's arm had been broken.

"Nick was quite upset, he was hurt and his bike was damaged, it is quite a shocking thing to encounter when someone tries to grab you off of your bike, something that a criminal does rather than a park ranger".

The South African National Parks service said Dlamini was riding in the park without a permit or paying an entry fee and that he resisted arrest.

Dlamini is now in hospital with a fracture on his left humerous.

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What appears to be the snapping of bone then also sounds before the video captures the somewhat overzealous hauling away of the promising 24-year-old South African athlete as he shouts "my arm is broken, my arm is broken". "The guy just laid into, turned him around, and twisted his arm high above his head", Le Cok said.

"The law requires that we allow them the opportunity to exercise their right to reply", said Thakhuli. "No matter what the circumstances, there is no excuse for this kind of reaction". You can hear in the video his arm snap and crack at which point Nick was just screaming, saying 'My arm's broken, my arm's broken'.

According to the press release, he has since been transferred to another hospital where further specialist consultation will take place together with NTT Pro Cycling's team medical department.

His NTT Pro Cycling team, which includes Mark Cavendish among his list, said in a statement: "There can be no justification for the level of violence imposed on him (Dlamini)".

NTT Pro Cycling said it was "highly distressed" to see its rider "treated in this manner". To watch a young man who I know so well in such unnecessary distress made me feel sick, to be honest.

The video of the arrest was broadcast on Twitter, with four times the Tour de France champion Chris Froome, born in Kenya, and the South African road champion Daryl Impey, who participates in the team.