Australia braced for increase in wildfires as temperatures rise


There are about 210,000 volunteer firefighters around the country.

When Australian volunteer firefighter Andrew Hain is out battling bushfires, he sends emojis to his wife Kate to let her know he is safe.

Around 200 forest fires burned in four states, more than half of which occurred in New South Wales, including 60 unconfined fires.

The opposition Labor Party has pressed the government to consider compensation for volunteer firefighters.

While New South Wales has been the site of most of the destruction since the fire season began unusually early this year, the crisis has spread to Victoria, Queensland, Western Australia and South Australia - where around 86 homes were destroyed at the weekend and the latest fatality took the national death toll to nine.

"It gives (firefighters) a bit of a miracle boost", he said.

Mr Jones would not be drawn on whether the private sector should introduce a similar scheme.

Morrison urged other large employers to do the same although he acknowledged that the solution does not directly address those working for smaller businesses or who are self employed.

Without rain in the immediate forecast, the wildfires could continue into January or February, said New South Wales Rural Fire Service Commissioner Shane Fitzsimmons, according to AP.

Contrite prime minister Meanwhile, Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison has arrived back in the country in response to the crisis, cutting short a family holiday in Hawaii for which he has been heavily criticized.

The message delivered by the prime minister was met with criticism from social media users.

Mr. Marsh said that the t-shirts and prints of the mural will be available for purchase in the coming days and the proceeds will go to the rural fire department.

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Morrison insisted Australia would meet its emission targets.

"He's not my prime minister", Jacqui said.

The fires in East Gippsland have been burning since 21 November, burning more than 100,000 hectares while travelling more than 1,000km.

The tweet prompted Morrison to issue a clarification on Tuesday.

"I was very upfront about that yesterday".

"We need to do more to make sure that people aren't out of pocket, that they're not in the position of choosing whether to go out on another run, or whether to have to go to work and provide for their family".

On Sunday, Swedish eco-activist Greta Thunberg turned to Twitter to comment on around 200 wildfires that are now burning in four Australian states, by retweeting a video report on the ongoing fires and questioning why catastrophes like that did not bring a response from politicians.

"Australia is taking action on climate change".

When it was revealed Morrison and his family had slipped away to Hawaii for a holiday voters became angry.

Mr Rudd told the BBC Radio 4 "Today" programme that Australia's peak scientific body had warned for more than a decade that climate change would lead to "more frequent droughts, more intense droughts, and more intense natural disasters".

"He has lost any personal link to that deep, crucial, reservoir of gravitas we confer, automatically, on our PMs simply due to their position", The Canberra Times newspaper columnist Nicho las Stuart wrote on Tuesday.

He added that Australians should be "very proud" of what's happening across the nation now as firefighters tackle bushfires.