Android 10 rolling out to Australian Samsung Galaxy S10 models


Nothing in particular seems to scream "fake" about these images, but we still can't say for sure whether this is indeed Samsung's clamshell foldable phone.

Five images were shared on a Chinese social media site that highlight a "clamshell" folding design that opens into a full screen, but collapses into a square small enough to slide into one's pocket. If you look at the image above, you'll see that the folding part of the phone juts out much like the Galaxy Fold's does. The side buttons will presumably be needed to control the front camera while the phone is closed, while when unfolded, the phone looks like any other Samsung offering from the front, despite the central hinge.

Samsung also has a habit of including different processors in phones so some regions may not see the Snapdragon powering their devices.

Foldable phones are definitely one of the trends we'll see grow exponentially in 2020 and following years.

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Chrome 79 for Android began rolling out to users last week, but developers quickly spotted a problem. Understandably, users and third party developers have expressed unmitigated frustration.

First the handset experience numerous delays and once released there were problems with its display that caused its screen to deform or in some cases, become completely unusable.

Samsung teased a clamshell foldable phone design at its developer conference several months ago, showing a Motorola Razr-style approach to the foldable phone.

Running a non-Samsung device with this latest Snapdragon chip inside they were able to witness multi-score speeds that even beat the mighty iPhone 11 Pro Max - which is considered to be one of the fastest devices on market.

This leak also reveals a couple of new features on Samsung's next foldable. In addition to that, new reports suggest the device might actually launch in February. The S11 phones have leaked extensively over the past few weeks, and that doesn't seem to be set to end anytime soon. There is no confirmation on whether the phone is equipped with an in-screen fingerprint scanner.