White House: Trump’s Tweet Attacking Yovanovitch ‘Was Not Witness Intimidation’


It was no accident that the GOP featured Stefanik - who looks even younger than her age and is one of only 13 Republican women in the entire House - so prominently. I doubt she was intimidated by a single tweet. "And I say we invite Donald Trump Jr., Eric, Ivanka and Jared to join in". She had a staffer alongside with her. "I didn't want to engage".

One of Stefanik's most pivotal moments occurred when she confronted Schiff about his behavior in closed-door depositions, asking if he would stiff-arm questions regarding the so-called "whistleblower" during the public impeachment hearings as well.

Though she was breaking committee rules with her interruptions, the outburst gave Republicans a nationally televised opening to accuse Trump nemesis and committee Chairman Adam Schiff, D-Calif., of treating a woman lawmaker unfairly. To create the case, she reeled off a dozen or more of Schiff's have past statements on the matter.

Schiff sat stone-faced all through the dressing-down.

"Elise Stefanik is an awesome instance of why correct electing somebody on chronicle of they are a girl or a millennial doesn't basically obtain you the leaders we desire", ABC News Chief Political Analyst Matthew Dowd said in a tweet Wednesday.

He later apologized and deleted the publish, saying he had been misunderstood.

"Had been this one thing that had been lobbed against a Democratic person, this person would admire had to resign", the Harvard-knowledgeable Stefanik informed The Put up Saturday.

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"I am proudly the opposite of AOC", Stefanik, 35, told the New York Post, adding that she spoke to the far-left congresswoman once. Some Democrats on the committee said Trump's attack was a real-time attempt to intimidate a witness, which in itself could be considered an impeachable act.

"Adam Schiff became adamant about the whistleblower testifying, Speaker Pelosi said she supported the whistleblower testifying". And who else did the whistleblower coordinate this effort with? "The political rollout and communications rollout was just so orchestrated".

Rep. Adam B. Schiff (D-Calif.), the chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, and Rep. Devin Nunes (R-Calif.), its top Republican, painted opposing pictures of the objective of the hearing of former Ukrainian ambassador, Marie Yovanovitch, in their opening statements Friday.

"Adam Schiff is making up the foundations as he goes", she informed The Put up.

What followed was a debate between Nunes and Schiff as to whether the Republican could offer his time to a fellow member of Congress, rather than minority counsel.

You asked a parliamentary inquiry, and I am responding - or point of order, and I'm responding.

Rep. Liz Cheney said Yovanovitch "clearly is somebody who's been a public servant to the United States for decades and I don't think the president should have done that".