Turkish foreign minister says that Macron is a sponsor of terrorism


Turkey on October 9 launched the "Operation Peace Spring" targeting Kurdish forces in Northern Syria with the stated objective of creating a safe zone in which to repatriate hundreds of thousands of Syrian refugees.

Mevlut Cavusoglu was fast to reply, slamming Marcon for earlier conferences with Kurdish representatives.

"He is already the sponsor of the terrorist organization and constantly hosts them at the Elysee". The foreign minister told reporters that Mr Macron wanted to be the leader of Europe but was "wobbling".

"Proper now, there's a void in Europe, he's making an attempt to be its chief", Cavusoglu retorted. Turkish-backed forces have additionally been accused of significant abuses and struggle crimes throughout the operation.

Macron has strongly opposed Turkey's military offensive against Kurdish militants in Syria, launched last month, and reiterated on Thursday that it "endangers the actions of the anti-IS [Islamic State] coalition, of which North Atlantic Treaty Organisation is a member".

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In support of his assessment, he cited the shock decision by US President Donald Trump to withdraw troops from northern Syria and the ensuing Turkish offensive against the Kurdish YPG militia which Ankara views as terrorists.

"Secondly, this may be interpreted as a another sign that Turkey is unwilling to contribute to the deterrence policy against Russian Federation and it wants to remain neutral, yet the stakes are located in a different sphere - Turkey wants to get help when it comes to the safe zone in Syria", he told Arab News.

After stating that he respected "the security interests of our Turkish ally who has suffered many terrorist attacks on its soil", the French leader rebuked Ankara, saying "But one can not on one hand say that we are allies, and with respect to this demand our solidarity; and on the other hand, put its allies in the face of a military offensive done as a "fait accompli", which endangers the action of the coalition against Islamic State, of which North Atlantic Treaty Organisation is part".