Trump intervenes in military justice cases, granting three pardons


The second pardon went to 1st Lieutenant Clint Lorance, who had been convicted of murder for ordering his soldiers to fire upon three unarmed Afghan men in July 2012, killing two.

"The Department of Defense has confidence in the military justice system".

In May, Trump talked about how he was considering pardons for US troops charged with war crimes, a move he acknowledged would be controversial but that he said was justified because they had been treated "unfairly".

Lorance has served greater than six years of a 19-year sentence at Fort Leavenworth, Kansas.

Gallagher was found not-guilty of murder this year, but was convicted of a lesser charge and was demoted.

In a statement Friday, Golsteyn said his family is "profoundly grateful" for Trump's pardon. Golsteyn faced a murder trial scheduled for next year, while Gallagher recently was acquitted of murder and convicted of posing with the corpse of an Islamic State fighter in Iraq.

"After almost a decade-long inquiry and multiple investigations, a swift resolution to the case of Major Golsteyn is in the interests of justice", the White House statement from Grisham said.

Co-host Pete Hegseth praised Lorance's comments to the president as "well said", while an emotional Earhardt concluded by thanking the convicted war criminal for "serving our country" and co-host Steve Doocy agreed that the story makes him want to cry.

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The three cases of Clint Lorance, Mathew Golsteyn and Edward Gallagher are unrelated. Military officials have been reportedly anxious that a sweeping pardon could negatively affect discipline within the ranks.

One reason United States troops are as welcome as they are worldwide is because hosting nations "know the American military administers itself according to a very strict code of justice and we have a very good record of holding those troops accountable", Kirby said, even for minor scrapes such as "drunken driving overseas or getting into a fistfight in a bar".

"Trump has sent a clear message of disrespect for law, morality, the military justice system, and those in the military who abide by the laws of war", Shamsi said in a statement.

The Washington Post reported that some senior Pentagon officials tried to persuade President Trump to change his mind because they feared it would undercut the power and reputation of the military justice system.

"A President who reveres Mohammed bin Salman [crown prince of Saudi Arabia] is obviously going to act to protect his own monsters, murderers and psychopaths", Greenwald said on Twitter.

Golsteyn acquired phrase of his pardon from Trump, who spoke with him by phone for a number of minutes, Golsteyn's legal professional Phillip Stackhouse stated in an announcement.

", we train them find out how to be nice fighters, after which after they battle typically they get actually handled very unfairly".

"The president is a convening authority by Act of Congress", Fidell added.