The Mandalorian Offers Star Wars Fans A New Hope


It's not quite ideal, but if the first episode is anything to go by, it's going to be something Star Wars fans can't afford to miss.

Lucky US Star Wars fans were able to access Disney Plus yesterday, which featured the first episode of The Mandalorian. In fact, he compares it to a phobia and said he nearly got sick while watching himself at the Star Wars: The Force Awakens premiere. We're going to shake things up here, pivoting from Episode One's review to a mix of recap and review, because this week's events need to be broken down in greater detail, to possibly give you a better sense of what The Mandalorian has to offer. Plus, there's tons more over at ScreenCrush's YouTube channel. We entered into the show expecting an action-packed thrill ride - and we damn sure get it; between the dazzling fight between Mando and a group of Trandoshan bounty hunters in the opening minutes, Mando's Mad Max-esque pursuit of a Jawa sandcrawler, and his mucky battle with that Mudhorn, episode 2 is even more thrilling than the premiere.

With the launch of the Disney Plus streaming service earlier today, the first episode of Jon Favreau's The Mandalorian became available, which I am happy to say - finally - did not disappoint.

Speaking with Slash Film, he said: "On this one, I let myself be, at least in the way I was approaching the thing, freer". Ever since Yoda debuted in The Empire Strikes Back, details surrounding him have been kept infamously secret at George Lucas' direction, to the point that we still don't even know the name of his species - and we know the name of almost every species. Even if the new show does nod to it with the main man's staff/blaster combo, as used by Boba Fett, and a reference to Life Day. We also have very little idea why dozens of people gathered in a town to protect it from every bounty hunter who tried to obtain it.

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How Baby Yoda Can Help Resurrect the Emperor We already know that Palpatine is coming back for The Rise of Skywalker in some form or another. "Because also, leaving [Star Wars: The Last Jedi] I was like, 'Oh I guess we've mined that relationship.' No, no, we've mined it some more". But watching the Mandalorian attempting to protect this unusual, vulnerable child is also created to disarm us.

Have a look at out the article down beneath to see John Boyega's whole touch upon Finn in Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker. The mythosaurs were wiped out of canon when the expanded universe was reset, but thanks to The Mandalorian, they're back in play.

We know Disney has no compunction about making its Disney+ shows required viewing because Marvel is doing that with all of their Disney+ shows, so why not do the same with Star Wars? So [the Mandalorian] is very samurai, Clint [Eastwood], and me. But IG-11's commission required him to kill it.

Reports from our unwashed American cousins, who were granted access to Disney+ days before us, reveal the titular Mandalorian (Pedro Pascal) approaches some kind of metal incubator, where the little green bastard is swaddled up like he's not some kind of immensely powerful space demigod.