The 7 Teams That Attended Colin Kaepernick's Training Have Been Identified


But when Kaepernick's league-sanctioned workout, scheduled to be held at the Atlanta Falcons' facility, was moved at the last minute to a location about 60 miles away an hour later, the Seahawks were one of the roughly 20 teams that were then either unable or unwilling to attend.

For Kaepernick, the workout, which was scrapped and moved at the last minute to a high school 60 miles away, appeared to be more concerned with calling the National Football League on its bluff and sticking it to the owners, while, at the same time, bringing more attention to his social-justice cause which, apparently, now includes himself. Because of this change, only seven out of the 25 teams were present at the new location.

Former NBA guard and host of ESPN's Jalen and Jacoby, Jalen Rose also expressed his support of Kaepernick despite the workout relocation.

"I went there on my free time and I came back in time for our meetings last night", Reid said.

Reid did not take kindly to Smith's comments, accusing him of "tap dancing for the NFL" in a response on Twitter.

Speaking with reporters, Nalley said, "I'll be honest, I'm a little bit pessimistic because I've talked to all 32 teams". He's ready to play.

"He's interviewing for a job, if I'm correct, and he's asking people to pay him a lot of money and now he's going to dictate to them the conditions?" "I want him in the league".

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Reid, who plays for the Carolina Panthers and is a close friend of Kaepernick, said several representatives at the workout had been impressed by the 32-year-old's skills. "Kaepernick made a mistake the way he handled all this if he really wants a job in the NFL". To the individuals that are not here, I'm imagining of you, I recognize you supporting from exactly where you are. The league referenced recent negotiations with Kaepernick's representatives over the workout and cited issues that included media availability and a liability waiver. It's increasingly clear to American football fans that Kaepernick is far more interested in playing the victim than he is in ever playing in the NFL again.

"He don't want to play". With that said, Reid added, "I think we could use Colin's help".

"You've always got to have a backup plan", he said.

Kaepernick did not take questions from at least 50 media members who scrambled to get to Riverdale to cover his workout.

But if you believe that Kaepernick was correct to distrust the process, correct to want everyone to see everything - instead of letting the league splice his tape - you have company in noted sociologist Michael Eric Dyson. He wanted to show up to a high school in Georgia.

"We knew this was a PR stunt from the beginning", Reid said. Kaepernick wanted all media representatives to be granted entrance to the workout even in order to ensure "transparency".