State Unveils Meth Awareness Campaign


South Dakota's push to fight methamphetamine addiction won instant attention when it launched on November 18 2019 - but perhaps not for the reason Gov. Kristi Noem and state officials intended.

"I hope you've all figured out that South Dakota's ad agency knows exactly what it's doing and you're giving them the attention they wanted?"

South Dakota's costly anti-drug campaign with slogan "Meth, I'm on it" faced backlash as well as laughter from social media.

"What was once the advert company smoking once they came up with this campaign?", asked Twitter particular person @TaraLynnSaid.

The state's Department of Social Services paid a Minneapolis ad agency almost $449,000 this fall for the effort, the Argus Leader reported, citing the state's finances website.

The campaign's slogan, unveiled this week, bluntly, if not quite clearly, lays out the issue: "Meth".

The television ad shows a series of everyday folks declaring, "I'm on meth", with a voice-over saying, "Meth is not someone else's problem".

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Still, the Twitterverse couldn't contain itself when it saw the campaign and its URL.

The governor of South Dakota last night announced the roll out of the "On Meth" program, explaining that methamphetamine is a "widespread" problem across the state.

In a statement on Monday, Noem claimed the objective of the campaign was to raise awareness when it comes to tackling the state's meth epidemic.

"I didn't think this was a real ad from the South Dakota Department of Social Services". There isn't a single solution because meth is widespread. Let's work together. Meth.

"What's it like to be completely tone deaf and piss away state funds on just the absolutely most ill conceived ad campaign in modern history", one person wrote on Youtube.

Consider this 2014 entry - "Don't jerk and drive", meant to discourage drivers from jerking the wheels of their cars while traveling on icy roads. "We're On It" was deliberate, some criticizing the ads' "phrasing", others hailing it as a brilliant marketing move.