Microsoft’s Edge Chromium browser Will Release On 15th January


As can be seen from the featured image, the new logo still looks like an 'e', but is more in line with the company's so-called 'Fluent' design language that was used to create new logos for all of the Microsoft Office components earlier this year. The steps, which included things like rendering a 3D version of the Edge logo and running a javascript function on the Edge insider website, eventually led hunters to a browser-based game that looks like a surfing version of the Microsoft classic SkiFree.

There is no information now available as to why this logo was chosen.

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Microsoft announced some important updates regarding Microsoft Search, the company's intelligent enterprise search experience at Ignite 2019 this morning. We now know the launch date for Chromium Edge: January 15th. The Microsoft Research in Bing giving is also finding floor-program access for instructions, definitions for business acronyms and other extra natural question capabilities for interior company info. Microsoft revealed a new logo for the Chromium-based Microsoft Edge over the weekend through a fun puzzle for fans (via The Verge).

It's been nearly 11 months since Microsoft announced that it would rebuild its Edge browser around the open source Chromium technology Google built for Chrome. Simultaneous with the start of Chrome in 2008, Google unveiled the bulk of Chrome's code as open up resource, birthing Chromium in the procedure. The new Chromium Edge will be faster, of course, but it'll also bring features like a dark UI mode, web "Collections", and tight integration with Microsoft services. With the launch of the new logo that stays away from the traditional concept should be a clear indication of what Microsoft is attempting at - it wants to break with the past and develop a new version that would go with the times.