Impeachment: Trump will 'strongly consider' testifying


Watch what Nancy Pelosi said in her interview Sunday night with CBS. "But nonetheless, I find the President's tweets unfortunate", the congressman said.

"Even though I did nothing wrong, and don't like giving credibility to this No Due Process Hoax, I like the idea & will, in order to get Congress focused again, strongly consider it!"

It remains unclear whether Trump will follow through on testifying himself under oath. He said the White House's insistence on blocking witnesses from cooperating begs the question: "What is he hiding?"

That includes fallout from a mysterious and unscheduled trip to a hospital on Saturday, his fight against efforts to reveal his tax records and an apparent new tactic - firing off searing attacks on witnesses who criticize him in televised hearings. While at that restaurant, Sondland spoke to President Trump by phone.

Still, about one-third of respondents said their mind was made up on impeachment before news broke about Mr. Trump's dealings with Ukraine in September.

"Drug deal" is the metaphor former national security adviser John Bolton reportedly used to describe Trump's attempt to coerce Ukraine into smearing Democratic front-runner Joe Biden.

After the meeting with Zelenskiy, Hochstein separately briefed two U.S. Embassy officials, Suriya Jayanti and Joseph Pennington, about Zelenskiy's concerns, said the two people who spoke to the AP. Burisma is the gas company that hired Hunter Biden.

After just two days of public testimony in the impeachment probe, Trump's defenders are left sputtering.

Holmes' statement also appears to contradict Sondland's previous sworn testimony, which he has already revised once, about his interactions with Trump.

"I don't think I have such powers, not in Mogadishu, Somalia, and not in other places", Yovanovitch said haltingly.

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"That's a very serious legal charge". Morrison also testified that U.S. aid to Ukraine was conditioned on the country announcing an investigation into the Bidens. This Wednesday, the committee will have Sondland, David Hale and Laura Cooper. And on Thursday, Fiona Hill, a former top NSC staffer for Europe and Russian Federation, will appear.

The New York Democrat's comments be conscious the dear public hearings within the Rental impeachment inquiry into the President and Ukraine.

As Schiff - a lawyer - should know perfectly well, President Trump's tweet was not even close to the legal definition of witness tampering.

Counsel for House Democrats said in a Washington court on Monday that they are investigating whether those answers were untruthful.

Yovanovitch, a 33-year veteran of the State Department known for fighting corruption in Ukraine and elsewhere, was ousted from her position as ambassador to Ukraine after Trump and his allies began attacking her and claimed she was bad-mouthing the president.

In the CBS interview, Pelosi reiterated that the whistleblower's identity would be protected.

On Friday, Mr Trump launched a Twitter attack on another witness - former U.S. ambassador to Ukraine Marie Yovanovitch.

She added that she believed Trump's actions were "so much worse" than those of President Richard Nixon, who resigned before the House could vote on impeachment over the Watergate Scandal.

Still, he insisted that tweets were "certainly not impeachable and it's certainly not criminal". On Friday, Yovanovitch testified that she felt "shocked, appalled and devastated" when she learned what Trump had said about her in the phone call.