Grenfell Tower fire report 'gives victims the truth', says PM


Bereaved family members said it was "heartbreaking" that more of their loved ones could have been saved, and called on Fire Commissioner Dany Cotton to step down.

In a report focusing on events on the night of the Grenfell Tower blaze, chairman of the public inquiry into the disaster, Martin Moore-Bick, criticised the length of time it took Kensington & Chelsea LBC (RBKC) to obtain a "vital" risky structures engineer (DSE) amid fears the building might collapse at any moment.

The first report of its two-phase investigation was led by Sir Martin Moore-Bick, a retired high-court judge, and was published on Wednesday morning. And he ruled that advice to stay put, rather than risk fleeing, should have been abandoned at 1.30am rather than 2.47am.

There was no immediate reaction to the fire report, since it was leaked.

While he had not planned to determine whether the building complied with fire regulations at this stage in the investigation, Moore-Beck said there was compelling evidence that the tower's external walls "actively promoted" the fire. "And, today, the whole country, the whole world, is finally hearing the truth about what happened", he added. "Holding Pennsylvania-based Arconic responsible for the devastation it caused remains essential to getting justice for Grenfell's many victims". "I pray every single day since the tower, you know, to die sooner".

"Yet, it does seem that there were failures of process and decision making at the higher level, and there are lessons to be learnt".

The scenes were too much, even for May, who was the UK's Tory premier at the time of the tragedy and was criticised for showing an apparent lack of sympathy towards the Grenfell residents in the immediate aftermath of the fire. I am reassured race played no part in their response to the Grenfell Tower fire.

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The combustible aluminium material used to clad the original concrete wall caught fire, quickly causing flames to leap up the outside of the building. Besides, LFB's communications systems failed and there were serious deficiencies in command and control. "In some cases, basic information relating to the tower held by the LFB was wrong and in others it was missing altogether". Man who closed 10 Fire Stations, cut 30 Fire Engines and 500 Firefighters, not to blame, but Fire Brigade cut to ribbons, fully to blame.

Earlier this year, after pressure from bishops and campaigners, the Government agreed to foot the £200-million bill for remedial work on 170 tower blocks in the United Kingdom clad with the same materials which contributed to the Grenfell tragedy (News, 9 May).

A spokeswoman said: 'We are glad to read this report totally exonerates our neighbour in flat 16.

"Grenfell Tower was home to a strong and vibrant community that was torn apart by the fire", said inquiry chairman Martin Moore-Bick on Wednesday in an introduction to his report on Phase 1 of the inquiry, which focused on events on the night of the blaze.

But some residents say they are not hopeful that the inquiry will bring about real change.

The Labour leader was in the middle of paying tribute to the 72 people that lost their lives in the tower inferno in June 2017 when the Conservative backbench MPs in the House of Commons began to mock his green tie.

Thousands of people have shared powerful images of the Grenfell firefighters after a damning report slammed fire chiefs for their refusal to drop its policy preventing people from being evacuated on the night of the tragedy. "Government has done nothing substantive in 28 months".