Google's patient data project 'Nightingale' is under investigation


Announcement of its arrangement with the Catholic health care system Ascension followed a Wall Street Journal report on Monday that Google had access to thousands of patient health records without doctors' knowledge. Google has been collecting the complete medical history; from the names of the patients, their dates of birth, the results of the analyzes, allergies and the diagnoses of the different doctors.

According to the Journal, Google and Ascension made the decision past year to collect the data across 21 states in an initiative named "Project Nightingale".

But Google's privacy promise should mean that it won't combine any patient data from Ascension with the data it gathers from Fitbit, Wear OS, Google search, Gmail, Google Docs, Chrome, or any of the other consumer services it provides.

Not only did a "big fat zero" number of patients agree to have their data sent to Google, but it is unclear what protection mechanism is put in place, Benchmark Investments CEO Kevin Kelly said.

Just hours after the secret project was revealed, the two companies announced the collaboration in a press release, in which they said the joint project would see Ascension's data moved onto Google's Cloud platform. All of Google's work with Ascension adheres to industrywide regulations, including HIPAA, Shaukat wrote. The objective of the project is reportedly to design health software that could home in on a patient's medical history.

No patient data is being used for Google's artificial intelligence research, he added.

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Google has gained access to USA health records as part of a new project.

At least 150 Google employees already have access to much of the information, a personal "familiar with the matter and the documents" told the Journal.

Named "Project Nightingale", the initiative is one of the largest efforts by Silicon Valley tech companies to enter the lucrative health care industry.

Data privacy and security concerns must remain paramount in any such partnerships, Ramanathan contends.

"We never actually have Google employees understand individual patients' data when it goes into the model".

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