Facebook launches new company logo


"The new branding was designed for clarity, and uses custom typography and capitalization to create visual distinction between the company and app", said Antonio Lucio, chief marketing officer Facebook in a blogpost. On WhatsApp, this "From Facebook" logo will have a green colour - again following the colour scheme of the app. We live in a FACEBOOK era now. Seeing as how Facebook has been under major scrutiny and is under multiple investigations for its privacy and data violations, though, we wonder if this move might actually backfire by encouraging more users to avoid these apps.

The logo change is part of Facebook's pledge to be more transparent about what it owns - you may remember we mentioned that was in the pipeline.

Fb on Monday unveiled a brand new emblem to characterize the Silicon Valley firm, distinct from its core social community. Email Arielle Pardes at [email protected] WIRED protects the confidentiality of its sources, but if you wish to hide your identity, here are the instructions for using SecureDrop.

The main Facebook mobile app will retain its historic branding, in which the horrified screaming is only implicit. "Stories are a great example and we're continuing to see fast adoption across Facebook, Messenger, Instagram and WhatsApp". Even Chris Hughes, Facebook's cofounder, has called for regulators to break up the company, and has launched his own fund to support academic research and policy on antitrust matters. The departures were reportedly due to Facebook taking a stronger role in the app's operations.

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Facebook has come under criticism recently over a variety of issues. The new signage was adopted to clear up any misunderstanding about who owns the popular apps. According to him, when the users know about the company, it improves the image of the company.

Its messaging applications such as WhatsApp and Messenger are used by billions of people across the world. However, the parent company and the social network have similar names and this is still not ideal.

"Many people don't know we build these products or that our teams often work together", CEO Mark Zuckerberg wrote in a blog post. "This is the next step in our effort to be clearer about the products and services from Facebook".