Dontnod teams up with Microsoft for new game featuring a transgender protagonist


This is where players meet Tyler and Alyson Ronan, twin siblings who use their bond to look back at their troubled childhood as they search for a way forward. But it's not: It's a new game that appears to be in the same vein, called Tell Me Why.

An exact release date hasn't yet been set for the game, but the first chapter is expected to be released for Xbox One and PC sometime in spring 2020. Life is odd 2's first episode released in September 2018 and the series is still not complete.

Dontnod Entertainment today announced their next teen story 'em up, named Tell Me Why. It'll be up to the player to process their perspectives and choose for themselves what they want to believe. "Eventually, the decisions players make decide the quality of the twins' bond - and the future course of their lives".

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Tyler and Alyson are both playable characters and equal heroes in the story.

Tell Me Why developers hired a transgender man to voice the part of Tyler and consulted with LGBT+ media organisation GLAAD to ensure their representation was authentic. This is one of the first major releases to have a transgender character take the center stage in this manner. Alyson is to play no less of a role than Tyler, but information regarding her character is fairly light. "We listen closely to the narrative of adventure game fans, and we hear loud and clear how unexpected painful gap between episodes can be", said Peter Wyse, general manager of publishing on Xbox Game Studios. Dontnod has become well known for tackling hard societal perspectives within its games, including suicide ideation and LGBTQ+ themes in the Life is unusual series.

DONTNOD released the debut trailer for the game on Thursday, in which you can get a peek at the crisp Alaskan landscape, as well as hints of the mystery the twins will unravel.