Courteney Cox reunites with Matthew Perry


Courtney Cox delighted fans by sharing a selfie with her former onscreen hubby Matthew Perry.

Speaking about getting the gang together again, the actress gushed, "We did that because we miss each other and we all happened to be in the same part of the world".

"Guess who I experienced lunch with now ..."

This is the second high-profile Friends reunion pic that has gone viral in recent weeks, as Aniston almost broke Instagram when she posted a reunion photo of the entire cast when she joined the social media site last month.

The actors respectively played Monica Geller and Chandler Bing in the series.

Aniston shared a Friends reunion pic of her own when she joined Instagram last month - and soon after revealed to Ellen DeGeneres that the cast has a possible project up their sleeves. I KNOW! Might maybe maybe I BE any happier?

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She was later spotted at his Halloween party as well! 'They seemed to be enjoying each other's company, ' another source told the site.

Jennifer Aniston is on Instagram now.

Aniston also spoke about getting support from Cox and Kudrow, as she received the Artists Inspiration Award during the SAG-AFTRA, she said, "It's incredible".

Lisa Kudrow, best known for playing Phoebe on the show, added, "Lucky lucky #beautifulpeople".

'We were just six relatively unknown actors learning on the job together and thanking our lucky stars to be on this rocket ship of a show. Aniston herself quite literally broke Instagram when she uploaded a picture of the main cast reunited as her first ever picture on the social media app. So we're just trying.

Aniston, who now has 18.7 million followers on Instagram, told Los Angeles Times that she keeps different mobile phones for office and work to avoid getting hooked on the internet."I won't let it be addictive. How come we don't get invited to that?"