BioWare hints at imminent Dragon Age 4 activity


Considering the huge success that Dragon Age: Inquisition had, it should come as no surprise that Dragon Age 4 is one of the most highly anticipated games in the world. With that said, BioWare has been known to tease Mass Effect content on N7 Day and with the studio officially acknowledging the fan-driven event, there could be a new tease planned to expand on the "logo reveal" we got a year ago. Dragon 4ge Day is an unofficial fan celebration taking place on December 4, just like Mass Effect fans have N7 Day on November 7. Fans were quick to notice the "Dragon 4ge Day" bit, and reacted with huge excitement, wondering whether a reveal of Dragon Age 4 was imminent. This year's celebration will honor the franchise's ten-year anniversary and BioWare has made a decision to get in on the festivities.

Dragon Age Day is the series" annual community day, but we assume writing "Age' with a number four was not an accident. Notably, this year's The Game Awards are planned for December 12th.

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The event will celebrate the 10th anniversary of the Dragon Age series, with promises of some sort of mystery reveal for next month. However, the day is more about celebrating the Dragon Age franchise as a whole, which is why it seems so appropriate for BioWare to make their announcement then.

Nearly five years have passed since Inquisition released, leaving Dragon Age fans clamoring for updates. The community raises money for charity, specifically Child's Play, and actually raised $7,000 in 2018.