Bengals will evaluate Colin Kaepernick's National Football League workout


Kaepernick added: "I$3 can't wait to see the head coaches and GMs on Saturday".

"Being that it's on a Saturday, what decision-makers are going to be able to attend a workout?" he said.

Sources previously told ESPN that Kaepernick and his reps were alerted to the workout at 10 a.m. Tuesday, ahead of a 4 p.m. ET personnel notice that the league sent to teams. Jay-Z said during the announcement of his deal with the league.

The Detroit Lions, the New England Patriots, the Dallas Cowboys, the New York Giants, the Atlanta Falcons and the Cincinnati Bengals are among the teams that are also expected to send representatives to the audition, according to media reports.

Several high-level National Football League executives have reached out as a courtesy to Kaepernick's representatives to say they couldn't attend and were caught off guard and confused by the objective of the National Football League scheduling the workout.

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The announcement comes after months of tension between Kaepernick and the league after the athlete began his kneeling protests against police brutality in 2016. Well, at least as well as it can aside from live game action. "I'll be curious to see how he does".

But Reid is not optimistic that the Panthers, despite losing quarterback Cam Newton to a foot injury - or any team, for that matter - will actually sign Kaepernick.

The Dolphins' top two quarterbacks are 36-year-old Ryan Fitzpatrick and Josh Rosen, who was proclaimed the starter by Flores only to be benched after two quarters because he was so bad against Washington.

It's extraordinary, though, for the League to hold a special workout for Kaepernick.

Miami Dolphins coach Brian Flores was asked if his team will be sending anyone. because the QB situation in MIA is awful. and Flores said they're planning on going. The workout will be recorded and shared with all 32 teams.