Zoë Kravitz to play Catwoman opposite Robert Pattinson's Batman


Warner Bros. new The Batman movie has found its Selina Kyle aka Catwoman in Big Little Lies star Zoe Kravitz.

Robert Pattinson dons a Batman suti with a long-eared cowl to replace Ben Affleck in new artwork. Plot details are still under wraps, but it's safe to assume the movie will involve Batman punching people in the face.

We know that The Batman will center around a younger Bruce Wayne and feature a Rogues' Gallery of villains that reportedly includes Catwoman and The Penguin. For instance, Batman: Year One sees Selina get her start helping sex workers, and Selina's motives in The Dark Knight Rises are more steal to survive than cause any real damage. "It was like, 'What does that have to do with anything?' I have to play the role like, 'Yo, what's up, Batman? What's going on wit chu?'" The part in question ended up going to Juno Temple, playing a character who was friends with that movie's Catwoman, played by Anne Hathaway. Jonah Hill is also in discussions for what appears to be a supervillain role, but has not yet been confirmed to be a part of the cast.

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Kravitz's most recent credits include "Mad Max: Fury Road", "Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them", "Rough Night", "Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald", "Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse" and "Big Little Lies".

Reeves wrote the script for The Batman along with Mattson Tomlin, and the project is slated to start shooting in January.

A digital artist known as "The Main Man Creation" on Instagram believes that Robert Pattinson's Batman suit needs a long-eared cowl, something that's been missing from the live-action Batsuits for some time now. If Matt Reeves and WB feel that Kravitz is the best person for the job in The Batman, then we should trust them.