US Energy Secretary Rick Perry Resigns


But since then, the White House has defied those requests because it regards the impeachment inquiry as illegitimate without an official House vote.

She wrote that "a Congressional committee can not exercise the investigative power of the full House of Representatives unless it has that power through proper delegation".

He also said that he "never heard the Biden name" and that the quid pro quo spelled out in the whistleblower complaint and call memo released by the White House was actually nonexistent.

He served as chief of staff to the House Committee on Energy and Commerce and is also a US Army veteran from San Antonio.

However, Burnison underscored that the Energy Department is committed to working with Congress on matters of mutual importance that have proper authorization and procedures. And now, of course, Democrats have issued a subpoena to Perry.

Now, we do have some people, including European Union ambassador Gordon Sondland today - he said that President Trump told Perry to consult with Rudy Giuliani about some of his work in Ukraine, and that's raised some questions.

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Perry, 69, a former Texas governor, has been energy secretary since March 2017, making him one of the longest-serving members of Trump's Cabinet, which has seen huge turnover. Brouillette has been tapped by Trump to replace Energy Secretary Rick Perry.

Perry said that Giuliani had blamed Ukraine for the so-called Steele Dossier, a collection of claims about Trump compiled by a British spy funded by the Hillary Clinton campaign in 2016, used since to investigate the president for "Russian collusion".

Perry said he didn't know whether he would comply or appear if called to testify.

The former USA attorney and NY mayor "didn't say, 'They gotta do X, Y and Z.' He just said, 'You want to know why he ain't comfortable about letting this guy come in? That's what we're supposed to be doing".

Long after more flamboyant colleagues flamed out of President Donald Trump's favor amid ethics scandals, low-profile and folksy Rick Perry survived in the Cabinet in part by steering clear of controversy.

The origin of the impeachment inquiry traces back to an anonymous person who on August 12 filed a complaint, now commonly referred to as the "whistleblower complaint".