Two Sixers fans booted from game over 'Free Hong Kong' signs


"What I also tried to suggest is that I understand there are consequences from his freedom of speech and we will have to live with those consequences". "It made everybody proud because it was the right thing to do", Popovich said (via

And American sporting companies are failing this values test.

The Democratic hopeful came on "TMZ Live" Wednesday to discuss the global feud between the league and the Republic, over Rockets General Manager Daryl Morey's comment supporting Hong Kong protesters.

A Rockets representative did not immediately respond to a request for comment on whether Morey faced any disciplinary action over his tweet.

The reaction to all of this was swift.

Silver's statements were the reason given by CCTV for its decision to indefinitely halt the broadcast of preseason games. On Tuesday, that was extended to exhibition games between the Lakers and Nets in China this week.

He tweeted about the ordeal - which comes amid rising tensions between the United States and China in wake of Houston Rockets general manager Daryl Morey's pro-Hong Kong tweet.

The NBA, embroiled in a rift caused by a tweet expressing support for pro-democracy demonstrators in Hong Kong, has avoided going that route - for now. The tweet soon set the team's Chinese fans ablaze. He wondered if a parting of the ways between Morey and the Rockets would appease China. Shortly afterward, CCTV sports channel and Tencent sports channel both announced they would suspend broadcasting Rockets' games. Sportswear brand Li-Ning and the Shanghai Pudong Development Bank suspended their ties with the Rockets, while e-commerce giant Alibaba and its affiliates appeared to have scrubbed listings for Rockets gear from their websites.

His tweet was later deleted but the backlash was swift and massive.

That happened on Wednesday afternoon, when Trump criticized outspoken voices in the league, notably Warriors head coach Steve Kerr, for being too scared to speak out against China regarding the protests in Hong Kong.

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Links to clips and episodes of the series on ecommerce giant Alibaba's Youku streaming service reportedly no longer work as well. Long live the Great Communist Party of China! "May this autumn's sorghum harvest be bountiful".

Rockets owner Lorenzo Fertitta quickly moved to denounce Morey's tweet, and he was joined by the Chinese government, the Chinese Basketball Association and multiple Chinese business corporations. Now, according toThe Hollywood Reporter, the Chinese government is confirming that their block-hand is indeed strong by deleting every episode of China's Internet.

These NBA stars have found a lot to disagree with America about. I turned around and here comes a float, and Adam is standing on a float with a big sign in support of LGBTQ.

"There are the values that have been part of this league from its earliest days, and that includes free expression", he added, speaking in Japan, where the Rockets and Toronto Raptors play several exhibition games this week. "We simply could not operate that way". This is not getting resolved right away.

Whereas Blizzard fully rolled over for Beijing when it yanked the prize money and banned a professional Hearthstone player for making statements similar to Morey's.

"If Silver thinks endorsing the indiscriminate violence the radical Hong Kong protesters are resorting supporting freedom of expression, then he should think again", it said. As a result of this, Blizzard has ruled that he violated competition rules, and have handed out a heavy punishment. "Stand with Hong Kong". "Revolution of our age!"

Chinese government officials didn't appreciate Morey's opinion and made that known to the National Basketball Association.

It feels easy to argue that Blizzard's "sole discretion" has been severely miscalculated.

The commissioner's attempt to toe the line backfired on both fronts, as many USA citizens are saying Silver did not actually take a position, and those from China see that move as a showing of the NBA's ignorance and xenophobia.

A Chinese-language version of the statement went further, saying the organisation was "deeply disappointed by the inappropriate remarks". Money is good, sure.