Trump ambushed parents of teenage crash victim, family spokesman says


She expressed "that tiny little bit of hope" that Trump will "take another look and maybe work harder" for them despite the fact that during the Tuesday meeting, Trump did not suggest that he would send Sacoolas back to the UK. She lost, and they lost, her son.

On the other hand, Seiger gave Trump credit for demonstrating what he believed was genuine sympathy for the family's circumstances.

But the teenager's parents said they are no "further along" after being told that the U.S. woman allegedly responsible for their son's death would not return to the UK.

Piers replied: "I couldn't put it more eloquently, you're a remarkable person. The family remain open to the possibility of meeting Mrs Sacoolas one day in the future but in a neutral and appropriately controlled environment".

She said that emotionally it would not be good for her, her husband or for Ms Sacoolas to meet on such short notice, without therapists or mediators present.

"He did ask two or three times", Dunn said.

The son Harry, 19, was killed riding his motorbike when he was in a collision involving Mrs Sacoolas, the wife of a USA diplomat, outside an RAF base in Northamptonshire in August as she drove on the wrong side of the road.

Seiger first announced the meeting earlier on Twitter, Tuesday, saying that the White House had "just invited #HarryDunn's parents and I to a meeting this afternoon".

Trump previously called Dunn's death a "terrible accident" and said driving on the wrong side of the road "happens". Britain's Foreign Office says all staff at RAF Croughton, where he worked, were covered by immunity.

Trump told the parents that Sacoolas would not be extradited to the Britain, according to the report.

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"We made it very clear that as we've said all along ... we would still love to meet with her but it has to be on our terms and on United Kingdom soil". He held Charles' hand at one point and agreed to try to find a way to help her. "He made them feel comfortable, and I was very impressed with his personal touch". While Trump appeared to understand their reluctance, he said O'Brien continued to insist, even after they made clear that any meeting would have to happen back in Britain.

'We believe two of them were in the vehicle and we can't think about what they're going by both.

"Boris, he asked me if I'd do that and I did it. It was a quiet and respectful meeting". You want to meet Mrs. Sacoolas.

"We owe it to him to honour him and do our absolute best to get justice for Harry".

They responded in a press conference they would be willing to meet, but only if she returned to England "to face the justice system" there.

She had been interviewed by police after the atomize but then returned to the United States after claiming diplomatic immunity via her husband, who's a USA intelligence expert.

A statement previously released on Ms Sacoolas's behalf said she meant to continue to cooperate with authorities.

"Anne was driving on the wrong side of the road and is terribly, terribly sorry for that tragic mistake".

Mr Dunn said: "He listened to Charlotte very well - she spoke excellently to him and he was very understanding".