Tom Brady won't lure Rob Gronkowski out of retirement


There's been a lot of speculation about whether or not former Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski will come out of retirement and return to the team. This may be Brady's way of adapting with age. Green Bay Packers' Aaron Jones running back is in the lead with eight. Who do we doubt about the GOAT?

If Gronk does want to suit up again, Brady won't be pushing him to do so. "I'll always keep the door open", he said via CBS Sports reporter John Breech.

In his absence, tight ends Ryan Izzo and Matt Lacosse have combined for only nine receptions for 169 yards and one touchdown for the Pats, but quarterback Brady feels Gronkowski is now "at a different phase of his life".

His comments came in response to Patriots owner Robert Kraft suggesting Gronk is always welcome back in New England. "Football was bringing me down, and I didn't like it", Gronkowski told reporters in NY in August while beginning to cry. Brady is hopeful that will happen but doesn't plan to be active in recruiting.

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HARRY - Injured Patriots Rookie wide receiver N'Keal Harry will return to practice this week "if he's ready", Belichick said Monday.

How Harry fares in practice over the next three weeks will determine if he'll play this season. "Just physically, he needs to be able to show he can go out there and participate competitively at the practice level we're at".

"I have a great relationship with him", added Brady. Hopefully he improves because of it.

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